The second round of the ski jumping men's World Cup was held in Austria on the 9th, and Japan, in which Ryoyu Kobayashi and others participated, took second place on the podium for the first time this season and gained momentum for the Beijing Olympics next month. I put it on.

The ski jumping men's group is an event in which four athletes from one team fly twice to compete for total points, and Japan is aiming to win medals at the Beijing Olympics, which will start next month.

The second round of the World Cup group will be held in Austria on the 9th at a large hill with a hill size of 142 meters. It was attended by four players, Keiichi.

In Japan, the fourth player, Ryoyu Kobayashi, flew 136 meters and 50 in the first time, placing him in third place, 11.3 points behind the first place Austria.

The second time, the first player, Yukiya Sato, gained momentum with a 136-meter jump.

Then, Ryoyu Kobayashi, who flew to the final fourth player, marked 133 meters 50 in the tailwind that was unfavorable for the jump and moved up one place to the second place with a total of 1006.4 points.

Japan was on the podium for the first time this season, giving momentum to the Beijing Olympics.

The winner was Austria and the third place was Norway.