Clermont and the Stade de Reims faced each other at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium for the resumption of Ligue 1, after the truce.

No goal therefore in this match which ended with a score of 0 to 0. In a very defensive 5-4-1, with Koffi at the forefront, the Reims team of Óscar faced the workforce of Gastien, arranged in classic 4-4-2.

The referee gave Locko, Adeline, Busi and Hamel a yellow card.

Seidu received a red card in the 14th minute.

Despite the draw, Clermont climbs in the rankings and therefore ends this resumption of Ligue 1, after the truce in 15th place.

The Stade de Reims does not change place and remains in 14th position.

Clermont and Stade de Reims: the next matches

For its next match, Clermont will face Monaco at the Louis II stadium on January 16 at 3 p.m.

For its part, Stade de Reims will meet Metz on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Auguste-Delaune stadium.

The results of Ligue 1 are available at the end of the matches on our site.

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The match in brief: line-up, goals and refereeing

Clermont - Stade de Reims: 0-0 (0-0 at half-time)

In Clermont-Ferrand (Gabriel-Montpied stadium), January 9, kick-off at 3 p.m.

Stade de Reims coach: Óscar Garcia Junyent

Composition of Stade de Reims: Predrag Rajković (1), Thomas Foket (32) [then Fraser Hornby in the 77th], Bradley Locko (28) [then Maxime Busi in the 46th], Andreaw Gravillon (6), Yunis Abdelhamid (5 ), Wout Faes (2), Martin Adeline (35), Dion Lopy (26), Alexis Flips (12) [then Anastasios Donis in the 63rd], Ndri Koffi (27) [then Kamory Doumbia in the 77th], Nathanaël Mbuku (11) [then Ilan Kebbal in the 46th]

Clermont trainer: Pascal Gastien

Composition of Clermont: Ouparine Djoco (40), Alidu Seidu (36), Florent Ogier (21), Akim Zedadka (20), Vital N'Simba (12), Johan Gastien (25), Jodel Dossou (24) [then Yadaly Diaby in the 89th], Jason Berthomier (8), Yohann Magnin (7), Pierre-Yves Hamel (26), Elba Rashani (18) [then Arial Mendy in the 84th]

Warnings: Hamel (35th) for Clermont, Locko (28th), Busi (58th), Adeline (78th) for Stade de Reims

Expelled players: Seidu (14th) for Clermont

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