Interview by Jacques Vendroux, Jean-François Pérès and Lionel Rosso, edited by Gauthier Delomez 8:30 p.m., January 07, 2022

PSG star Lionel Messi won a controversial seventh Ballon d'Or at the end of November.

Exceptional guest of the show Europe 1 Sport, the legendary number 10 of the France team, Michel Platini, ensures that he understands this controversy without questioning the attribution of this seventh prize to the Argentinian.


A triple Ballon d'Or which expresses itself on a seven-time winner.

In the show Europe 1 Sport, the eternal number 10 of the France team, Michel Platini, gives his opinion on the seventh Ballon d'Or awarded to the star of PSG Lionel Messi, last November.

A new reward for the Argentinian who created controversy in the world of football.

"I understand (this controversy) because for some time, he is a little less good than before", says the former footballer, exceptional guest of Europe 1.

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"He's not the Messi from a few years ago"

In the summer of 2021, "Leo Messi" won his first Copa America with Argentina.

A trophy which could play in the decision of the jury to award him a seventh Ballon d'Or, to the detriment of the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, announced as one of the best contenders.

“I don't know at all (if it has anything to do with the Copa America), but he's just a little less good. Watching him play, you see he's a little less good. Messi from a few years ago, "argues Michel Platini about the star of PSG.


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The former player, especially from Juventus Turin, does not question, however, this seventh award.

"He is exceptional, formidable, but he is a little less good than before. Everyone noted him", he persists on Europe 1, stressing to have been surprised by his choice of career as well as that of Cristiano Ronaldo, the eternal rival of the Argentine.

"I was surprised to see Ronaldo go to Juve, I was surprised to see Messi at PSG. Because I left football at 32 (...). They decided to do something else thing, so much the better for them. It is they who have chosen it, it is their life, "says the former French international, who chooses not to designate his favorite among these two stars of current football.