Kim Jong-guk, the new head coach of KIA, has been officially inaugurated.

He expressed his determination to lead KIA's fall baseball under coach Kim Eung-yong's resolute leadership.

The new manager, Kim Jong-guk, is a one-club man with 25 years of experience as a player and coach at KIA.

Maybe that's why, at the inauguration ceremony held yesterday (the 6th), I wore a new uniform and hat, and it wasn't awkward at all.

We smiled brightly when we received bouquets from General Manager Jang Jeong-seok and player Choi Hyeong-woo.

After receiving the inaugural gift of signing Na Seong-beom and returning ace Yang Hyun-jong, manager Kim Jong-guk expressed his gratitude to the club and promised to advance to baseball in the fall.

[Kim Jong-guk/KIA Director: (Tigers heyday) I think Director Kim Eung-ryong was a very determined person.

As a director, I definitely think it is necessary to lose a little bit.]