Beijing Olympics representative selection meeting for speed skating held in Nagano city.

3 The event on the 31st of the last day is the 4th event including 1500 meters for boys and girls.

We will update the results of each item from time to time.

[Women's 1500m Miho Takagi wins]

Miho Takagi, who has already secured a job offer in this event, won the women's 1500 meters at 1:53:19.

Nana Takagi was in 2nd place at 1'54.84, and Nao Kodaira was in 3rd place at 1'55.56.

<Results of women's 1500m>

1st place Miho Takagi 1: 53.19,

2nd place Nana Takagi 1: 54.84,

3rd place Nao Kodaira 1: 55.56,

4th place Ayano Sato 1: 56.18,

5th place Misaki Oshigiri 1: 56.37,

6th place Kosaka Rin 1: 58.61,

7th Rio Yamada 1: 58.71,

8th Yuna Onodera 1: 58.73,

9th Arisa Tsujimoto 1: 59.64,

10th Yuka Takahashi 2: 00.33,

11th Yukina Hatakeyama 2: 00.99,

12th Ayumi Fukuoka 2: 02.84,

13th Yuka Abe 2: 03.04,

14th Maho Kaku 2: 03.26,

15th Kazuko Nagasaki 2: 03.39,

16th Mio Takahashi 2: 03.58,

17th Saki Mito 2: 03.74,

18th place Suzuka Miyagawa 2: 03.92,

19th place


Kawamura 2: 03.99,

20th place Misaki Mano 2: 04.24,

21st place Akari Yazawa 2: 04.43,

22nd place Tsukushi Takigami 2: 04.81,

23rd place


Fujii 2: 04.92,

24th place Anna Suzuki 2: 06.75

[Highlights on the last day]

[Women's 1500m]

Of the "3" slots in Japan, Miho Takagi and Ayano Sato, who have already met the selection criteria of the Japan Skating Federation, are sure to make a decision.

Nao Kodaira, who won 6th place in this event at the Pyeongchang tournament, Nana Takagi, who finished 2nd in this event in the 4th round of the World Cup this season, and Japan record breaking It is Misaki Oshigiri who has experience of.

With the exception of Miho Takagi and Sato, who have already secured a job offer, the top-ranked player who has broken the dispatch standard record of 1'55.75 set by the Japan Skating Federation will be guaranteed a job offer.

[Men's 1500m]

We are paying attention to Seitaro Ichinohe, who holds the Japanese record, and Takuro Oda, who won the 5th place in this event of the Pyeongchang tournament.

After the tournament, a total of 15 people will be announced, including the representative members of the Beijing Olympics in speed skating, 7 boys and 8 girls.