It was confirmed that a total of eight Japanese karate teams returning from the international competition held in Kazakhstan were infected with the new coronavirus "Omicron strain" this month.

According to the Japan Karate Federation, eight of the 28 Japanese athletes sent to the Asian Senior Championships in Karate in Kazakhstan until December 22nd were confirmed to be infected with the Omicron strain.

When I returned to Japan on the 24th, a PCR test showed that a total of 11 athletes and staff were positive, and as a result of genetic analysis, it was found that I was infected with the Omicron strain on the 30th.

The name of the infected person is not disclosed.

According to the Japan Karatedo Federation, out of the 11 positives, the remaining 3 are also being investigated for suspicion of infection with the Omicron strain.

In addition to 11 people, athletes and staff were infected with the new corona one after another, and as of the 30th, a total of 16 people were confirmed to be positive, but all were mild or asymptomatic. It means that they are taking quarantine measures at hotels designated by the country.

Ryo Kiyuna, a men's gold medalist from the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the tournament.