Table runner-up Luleå went on break with a bitter loss against HV71.

But when SDHL resumed on Monday, Luleå immediately showed great form again.

Djurgården surprised by taking the lead already after 2.27.

Wilma Wäng-Germundsson, placed at the blue line, pulled away a puck that grabbed the back of Lova Blom and bounced into goal.

An important start for Djurgården who came to the match with three straight losses, where they only scored one goal, in the bag.

But then Luleå took over.

The reply came after just under six minutes when Viivi Vainikka made it 1-1.

The second period was goalless and only 6.39 into the third period came the next goal.

Noora Tulus tangled past two defenders and skillfully managed to get the puck to Jenna Pirtijärvi who could easily put the puck in an almost open goal.

23 seconds later came 4-1 when Astrid Lindeberg from a narrow angle from the right put the puck in the cross.

It was finally a 5-1 victory for Luleå after Jenni Hiirikoski scored the last goal of the match.