It took several months before Tiger Woods could start walking again after he drove off the road at high speed in February this year.

Now he plays golf with his son in Orlando and they are in a competition where Henrik Stenson and his son Karl also participate.

Woods enjoys being able to play again.

- It was a wonderful day.

It was great to just be able to play again, he says.

The strength and endurance are lacking, but the so famous feeling remains.

- I do not really have the stamina I would like, but only to be able to hit a few blows.

I still have my hands.

I still have the feeling, he says.

The 45-year-old legend does not intend to apply to ride a golf cart and thus a requirement for a "real" comeback is that he must be able to go four rounds in four days.

- It will be a while.

I could not even walk this path now, and it's flat.

I do not have the stamina.

My leg is not really good yet and it will take time.

I'm far from playing tournament golf.

ARCHIVE: Woods: "Looked like I could not play again"

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Tiger Woods. Foto: TT