The friendship that began more than 15 years ago and brought together Argentine star Lionel Messi and his compatriot and colleague Sergio Aguero appeared with the words with which "Bulga" bid farewell to his compatriot "the universe" who retired from football.

Barcelona striker Aguero announced today, Wednesday, the end of his career at the age of 33 due to a heart problem.

The news, which was expected due to the deteriorating health of the Argentine international, came in a press conference held today at the "Camp Nou" stadium, in the presence of Barcelona President Joan Laporta and the team's players.

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And on his official account on Instagram, Messi published several photos showing the stages of friendship between him and Aguero, and attached these photos to a comment that contained a lot of affection, love and heartbreak at the same time.

"Practically, a full career together, we lived wonderful moments, and there are not many disappointing moments, but they made us closer and closer to each other and made our friendship even greater, and we will continue to live together off the field."

The Paris Saint-Germain player continued, "With the great joy of winning the Copa America a short time ago, and with all the things you have achieved in England, this painful news comes now, and pushes you to stop doing what you love. With you, now a new phase in your life has begun, and I am convinced that you will live it with a smile and with all the enthusiasm you put into everything."

Messi concluded, "All the best in this new stage. I love you so much, my friend. I will really miss you on the field and when we are with the national team."