A survey conducted by the Swedish Sports Confederation shows that one in ten students at a Swedish sports high school states that they have been subjected to zeroing or wedging.

In addition, seven percent of the respondents state that they have experience of having been exposed to some form of violation in the school environment.

A total of 7,848 students responded to the survey. 

The floorball player Stina Johansson is in her third year at the elite sports high school in Umeå, which brings together almost 400 students from 15 different sports. 

- I can not really recognize myself in having been offended or wedged.

On the other hand, they have participated in activities that have been get-to-know-you exercises with older grades and this may be interpreted by some as offensive or wedging, but for us it has only been getting to know the other litters.

- We have worked actively to ensure that this does not happen.

Then we are incredibly naive if we think it will never happen.

It is clear that events come up sometimes when someone has experienced that this was not an okay behavior and then we have to row out those pieces, says Henrik Ragnvaldsson, principal at the elite sports high school in Umeå.

Student health team only for sports students

He highlights a special student health team as a key in the organization.

- The good thing about our team is that we only have elite sports students.

Then we can focus on both problems and opportunities as it is just when you move to a new city and you have to invest in two careers, you have to go to school and you have to work for an elite career in your sport, says Anna Löfhede, who is curator in the team. 

Stina Johansson moved from her hometown to attend floorball high school in Umeå.

SVT: What do you think is important for you to feel safe and for it to work?

- The most important thing is that you feel safe at school, because school is the reason why you have moved here.

If you feel safe at school, you will also feel at home.

And the reason you feel safe at school is that the school works consciously with things like this, that they have a team that helps and that you have coaches who consciously talk about that we have moved away from home and you get help.