Last season, the Swedish biathlon ladies took two relay victories.

Today came the first of this Olympic season.

Persson impressed

The Swedish team, with Linn Persson, Anna Magnusson, Elvira Öberg and Hanna Öberg were overwhelmingly superior in the Austrian Hochfilzen.

Linn Persson shot full on an impressive first stretch, and switched to the lead.

On the second leg, Anna Magnusson also made a good effort, and switched over as second, 7.7 seconds behind France.

Elvira Öberg went fast

And on the third leg, there was never any talk.

Elvira Öberg once again had an impressive ride.

When she then "only" needed two extra shots in total, she really pulled away from the rest of the field.

She was over 48 seconds faster than the second best skier on the stage, and when Hanna Öberg went out on the final distance, she had over one and a half minutes to spare in Austria in second place.

An extra shot at Hanna Öberg's horizontal shooting would not have any significance, they probably thought.

"Really shaky"

But there was still a certain tension, when she blocked four shots on the standing shooter - and she needed to go out on a penalty round.

- There she became trembling.

Really shaky, states SVT Sports expert Björn Ferry.

Victory by half a minute

But the lead was still so big, so when she left the embankment she still had 36 seconds on Russia's Kristina Reztsova.

Thus, Hanna Öberg, despite the crash on the embankment, was able to parade into goal.

Russia finally took second place, 29.1 seconds behind Sweden.

This was Sweden's fifth victory ever in the women's relay in the biathlon world cup.