At the press conference for new Orix players who won the professional baseball and Pacific League for the first time in 25 years, pitcher Ren Hibiki, who joined the team from Tohoku Fukushi University in the first draft, vowed to be active as a professional.

A press conference for new ORIX players was held at a hotel in Kita-ku, Osaka, and 10 new players, including training players, put their sleeves on new uniforms with numbers.

Pitcher Hibiki, who joined the team from Tohoku Fukushi University in the first place in the draft, is a right-handed pitcher with a sharply curved slider that is straight over 150 kilometers.

Pitcher Hibiki said, "I want to be a player loved by fans and play an active part from the first year, become a force for the second consecutive victory of the Pacific League, and do my best to become the best in Japan."

In addition, Ryoma Ikeda, who joined the team in 5th place in the draft from Osaka Toin High School as the only high school student out of 10 people, has a solid physique of 1 meter 72 cm and 85 kg, "My charm is muscle, Masataka Yoshida. I think he has a similar physique to the players, so I want to play professionally with strong batting aiming for the top hitter. I want to have momentum like a high school student. "

Director Satoshi Nakajima said, "We all fought this season, whether young or veteran, so next season we aim to be the best in Japan, and I want 10 newcomers to join us. I want to get better every day, so I play baseball. I want you to do it. "

New players will be jointly trained from the beginning of the year to prepare for the spring camp starting in February next year.

[New members of ORIX]

Draft 1st place: Ren Hibiki (pitcher / Tohoku Welfare University)

Draft 2nd place: Tomoya Noguchi (Infielder / Kansai



3rd place: Fukunaga

Shou (Pitcher

/ Kokugakuin University)

Draft 4th place: Watanabe Ryoto (Outfielder / Keio Univ.)

Draft 5th: Ryoma Ikeda (Outfielder / Osaka Kirikage High School)

Draft 6th: Kaede Yokoyama (Pitcher / Sega Sammy)

Draft 7th: Atsuya Ogita (Pitcher / TDK)

Training Draft 1st : Takayuki Yamanaka (Outfielder / Ibaraki Astro Planets)

Training Draft 2nd: Keita Sonobe (Infielder / Fukushima Red Hopes)

Training Draft 3rd: Akio Osato (Infielder / Tohoku Welfare Univ.)