Olympic Summit: Resolutely oppose any politicization of the Olympic Games and sports

  The 10th Olympic Summit concluded on December 11.

The meeting declaration issued by the International Olympic Committee on its official website stated that the summit resolutely opposes any politicization of the Olympic Games and sports, and emphasized that the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Games and the entire Olympic movement must maintain political neutrality.

  The declaration of the meeting stated that the participants learned about the final preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, including the successful holding of a series of test competitions.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be the beginning of a new era of global winter sports.

The 76th United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed the Olympic Truce resolution drafted by China and the International Olympic Committee, which was proposed by 173 member states.

The summit participants welcomed the strong support of the UN member states for the Olympic Games.

  On December 11, the 10th Olympic Summit was held in the form of a web conference.

The President of the International Olympic Committee Bach presided over the meeting. Major representatives of the Olympic movement, including members of the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee, heads of various international individual sports federations, and chairmen of the athletes committee, participated in the meeting.

(Headquarters reporter Yi Xin)