Chinanews client, December 9th, in the early morning of the 9th Beijing time, the UEFA Champions League group stage of the 2021/22 season continued.

Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 3-0 at home and advanced to the qualifying group with six wins.

Barcelona missed the Champions League knockout for the first time in 21 years.

Benfica, who defeated Dynamo Kyiv at home, qualified for the second place in the group.

  Before the game, Bayern had won all 5 games and locked the group's first place one round ahead of schedule. Barcelona had 7 points and Benfica had 5 points.

Although Barcelona dominates the points, their relationship with Benfica is at a disadvantage. Therefore, the team has to win against Bayern in order to secure a place in the group.

  But in the 33rd minute, Barcelona's defense was breached.

Lewanditch picked a pass from the left side of the penalty area to the right side, and Muller's header lob was cleared by Araujo. The referee signaled that the goal was valid and Bayern broke the deadlock 1:0.

In the 42nd minute, Koeman crossed after getting rid of it, and Sane shot directly from the outside of the penalty area to help Bayern expand the score by 2:0.

  In the second half, Alfonso Davis made a cross from the bottom. In the 61st minute, Murcia scored in front of the goal and Bayern led 3-0.

In the end, Barcelona was unable to return to the sky and bid farewell to the group stage with a loss.

Barcelona once again missed the Champions League knockout after a lapse of 21 years.

Harvey and his team will participate in the Europa League play-offs.

  "We are sad about this result, but now is the time to move on, and we have to try to reverse this situation." Barcelona chairman Laporta said that he has not had time to talk to coach Harvey, "We were not able to go to the dressing room. Encourage the players, we will discuss with the coaching staff on the plane."

  Harvey, who just took office, could not solve Barcelona’s problems in a short time. He expressed regret after the game and admitted that Bayern is indeed much stronger and hoped that Barcelona could start from scratch. "They are better and have more advantages. We are trying to press high. They took the ball away from them, but they subdued us. This is the cruel reality."

  For participating in the Europa League, Harvey believes, "We must win the Europa League this season. The Europa League is not the best stage, but this is the situation now." (End)