(Winter Olympics asks "Ji") Why was the confirmation of the first Winter Olympics delayed?

  China News Service, Shijiazhuang, December 8. As the world’s largest comprehensive winter games, we all know that the first Winter Olympics was held in 1924.

However, many people may not understand that the Winter Olympics held at that time was confirmed as the first Winter Olympics after a long period of time after the competition.

  Here's how it happened: At the 1922 Paris Conference, the International Olympic Committee decided to hold the "Eighth Olympiad Sports Week" before the 1924 Summer Olympics as an ice and snow event performance on the eve of the Olympics.

Because the host of the Eighth Olympic Games is France, the International Olympic Committee entrusted this sports week to France.

  At that time, no one thought that because of the success of this sports week, in 1925, the International Olympic Committee decided to open the Winter Olympics and carried the "Eighth Olympiad Sports Week" in the name of "The First Winter Olympic Games." Enter the Olympic history.

  The first Winter Olympics had 16 small events such as cross-country skiing, ski jumping, figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey, snowmobile, and Nordic biathlon. A total of 16 delegations participated.

The first gold medal was produced in the men's 500-meter speed skating event and was won by athletes from the United States. It was also the first gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics.

(Collated by Pei Guorong)