FC Tokyo, the first division of the V League for men's volleyball, will be suspended in May next year.

This was announced by the team on the 8th.

FC Tokyo was founded in 1948 as the volleyball club of Tokyo Gas, and started its activities in 2003 as FC Tokyo with the current team name.

Since the 2009 season, he has been promoted to the first division of the V League, and although he is ranked 5th in the league, he has won 2 times in the National Athletic Meet and 1 runner-up in the All Japan Championship.

According to FC Tokyo, after comprehensively considering changes in the business environment surrounding the team and how to respond to plans for the future of V League, it was decided to suspend activities at the end of May next year.

We will discuss with the V-League Organization about where to accept the players and staff to which we belong.