A tryout of 12 teams was held in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, where players who were out of the field in professional baseball appealed for a new affiliation, and while Nippon Ham coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo also visited, the players I showed a hard play.

The 12-team joint tryout is a place where players who are out of force appeal to the person in charge of organizing each team in search of a new affiliation, and this is held at MetLife Dome, and 33 people I participated.

At the venue, Nippon-Ham Fighter Shinjo, who participated in the tryout last year with the aim of returning to active duty, also visited the tour wearing a white down and gave a hot look to the players' play.

In the tryout, former Seibu pitcher Shinsaburo Tawata, who won 16 wins three years ago and won the title with the most wins, but suffered from autonomic imbalance and did not pitch in the second army this season, is in the actual battle format. I played against 3 batters in the seat batting.

The straight marked the fastest 146km and hit the first batter with a walk, but both of the other two were straight and hit the second goro and the left fly.

Pitcher Tawada said, "There was a response. I want to play more baseball and I want to do my best again."

In addition, although the giant asked for a contract as a training player, outfielder Kota Yamashita, who is aiming to register under the control of another team, had one hit in six at bats, but he shot a sharp ball and Director Shinjo was also impressed. He was named as the remaining player in the game.

Yamashita said, "I want to stick to NPB and play baseball with all my strength."

Nippon-Ham Fighter Shinjo said, "Because the tryout started when I became a coach, I definitely wanted to come and see it. I want the players to appeal more, including warming up."

Participating players will be waiting for an offer to win or to be contacted by an interested team to take an entrance examination.