Ryutaro Umeno, a catcher who decided to stay in professional baseball Hanshin without exercising the rights of FA = free agent, signed a multi-year contract, and it is estimated that the next season will increase by 50 million yen to 160 million yen. I renewed the contract for 10,000 yen.

Umeno is 30 years old.

He has been active since the first year with strong batting and a lead that draws out the strengths of pitchers, and has participated in 130 games this season.

Then, during the season, he acquired the FA right only in Japan, but announced that he would remain without exercising the right.

Umeno negotiated with the team at Koshien Stadium on the 7th, signed a multi-year contract, and renewed the contract for 160 million yen, an estimated 50 million yen increase for the next season.

At the press conference, Umeno said, "I frankly wanted to win the Hanshin Tigers. I was very happy to hear from the team that I wouldn't win without Umeno, so I want to feel enthusiastic."

Also, regarding this season when he participated in the Tokyo Olympics as a representative of Japan, he said, "I had some difficult results and the team was in second place, but I had a valuable experience of the Olympics, and I had a valuable experience of the Olympics until the end of the year. I was able to finish the fight and fight through. "

For next season, he said, "I think we can reach the victory by accumulating the baseball games we should play in one or two games. We will do our best to overcome the big barrier and aim for the victory."