19-year-old forward Lucas Raymond shines in his new club Detroit Red Wings.

But he risks missing the Olympics in Beijing next year.

Tre Kronor's Olympic gross squad was taken out before Raymond's big breakthrough.

According to information to Aftonbladet, Raymond has not been selected.

To get him to the championship, you need an exemption to change the gross squad.

If you get it, the national team captain Johan Garpenlöv still does not know.

- Raymond's to be or not to be at the Olympics, we will take that at the next press conference.

Because the gross list is not official yet, so we do not know if he is with or not, says Garpenlöv in connection with Monday's presentation of the squad for the Channel one cup.

But as the league captain, you have to wish you had a fortune teller sometimes, to see what happens just a few months later…

- As I said, I will return when the Olympic press conference is.

"Great fun to see"

Garpenlöv is impressed by what he sees from Raymond in the NHL.

- He has done very well, to come in as a young promising player and perform like this, few do.

Great fun to see.

Would you like to take him to the Olympics?


I do not know yet.

It depends on what other players around him do.

We sit and work with the Olympics all the time.

We'll see when it becomes relevant.