In the premiere race in Saudi Arabia with crashes, safety car phases and interruptions, Lewis Hamilton prevented Max Verstappen from being crowned Formula 1 world champion and the ultimate final in the generation's World Cup duel next Sunday in Abu Dhabi done perfectly.

Both are now going into the last race of the season with the same number of points.

The international press writes:



"Rowdy Arabia.

Lewis Hamilton thinks that his rival Max Verstappen is pushing the limit.

And he narrowly escaped a catastrophe when Verstappen suddenly braked.

Braking bath.

When the rockets lit the skies of Jeddah, it was a foretaste of more fireworks to come. "


 “After chaos, pinpricks, misunderstandings and an absolutely uncompromising race, it took a cool head.

With his win in Saudi Arabia, Lewis Hamilton ensured that everything was open before the Formula 1 season finale.

He is now level on points with Verstappen after a race full of complexity and confusion that may fit into a season that was impossible to predict.

The two protagonists left the race with different views. "

Daily Mail:

 "At the end of one of the messiest, dirtiest and most confusing Formula 1 races in history, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are tied for the final in Abu Dhabi in their unforgettable duel."


"Hamilton brushes down 'crazy' Verstappen after a chaotic win.

For the first time since 1974, the two title favorites will compete in the last race of the season with the same number of points. "


De Volkskrant:

“Hamilton and Verstappen fight a titanic fight to the last breath.

World champion Lewis Hamilton and challenger Max Verstappen did not allow themselves a thumb's breadth at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

One thing is certain: Formula 1 has never had a more exciting final thanks to these two fighting cocks. "

De Telegraaf:

“Where is that going?

Inimitable titan fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

The fact that the two fighting cocks race towards the season finale with the same number of points after the Brit's insane victory in Jeddah is the dream scenario for Formula 1. The audience can hardly follow. "


Gazzetta dello Sport:

“Formula 1 is more exciting than ever.

Verstappen-Hamilton is a duel to the last breath - and after 21 Grand Prix, the two start over.

The duel between the two titans is one of the toughest and most dangerous in Formula 1 history.

Hamilton has never faced such a tough and unscrupulous rival as Verstappen. "

Corriere dello Sport:

“Formula Wild West.

The final race is completely open, a duel down to the last meter.

The Grand Prix in Jeddah is a concentration of excitement.

Hamilton is the best because he makes the most of the favorable opportunities.

He has conquered everything in his career, but he drives with the motivation of a driver who has not yet won anything.

That is his strength. "


“Hamilton wins a crazy Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

There are interruptions, red flags and pile-ups in Jeddah that reward Hamilton in the end.

Now everything will be decided next Sunday in Abu Dhabi.

A whole season will depend on a single race. "

La Repubblica:

“A World Cup without brakes.

The race in Jeddah is like a boxing match.

Formula 1 has not seen anything like this since the Regazzoni-Fittipaldi duel in 1974.

Who knows whether the fastest, the best driver or the most solid car will win. "

Corriere della Sera:

“The penultimate episode of this tough novel is a Russian roulette, a bullfight.

Formula 1 is experiencing the toughest and craziest race of the modern era. "



“This Grand Prix in Jeddah will be hotly debated.

Max Verstappen doesn't look good. "



“Hamilton wins a battle.

Verstappen should have caught the black flag with an unfair 'Brake Test'.

The rivalry between the World Cup contenders has now mutated into a hateful duel.

A one for Hamilton, a six for Verstappen.

Hamilton drives in world championship mode.

Verstappen is not allowed to trample the regulations.

A race like in a script. "


“Hamilton beats Verstappen in a dirty race with dangerous maneuvers by both pilots.

It's a cockfight in a race full of incidents.

Mad Max is more mad than ever.

The tension lasts until the last day. "


"Historic arm wrestling between Hamilton and Verstappen.

The race wasn't for those with heart disease.

Verstappen ultimately gets away with a black eye.

Both drivers are currently in war mode.

The enmity between the British and the Dutch is latent. "

El Mundo Deportivo:

“It is burning brightly between the World Cup favorites, it was a race full of incidents and a lot of theater.

A mad battle for the title.

Simply historical.

Only fate would have it that there were no serious incidents during the race.

It remains the final battle in Abu Dhabi, it will be the same or even more violent.

Max went nuts.

He got away with the ten second time penalty. "