Recently, when a reporter from China News Agency interviewed Ai Fukuhara, he asked why Ai Fukuhara was so loved by Chinese fans. Ai Fukuhara explained to herself that it might be because I can speak Northeastern dialect.

I always regard Chinese athletes and fans as my good friends.

  Fukuhara Ai also revealed that Zhang Jike ate her a biscuit once when he was playing in China and won. Since then, Zhang Jike always asks her for biscuits. She always keeps a bag of biscuits for Zhang Jike in her bag.

  Fukuhara Ai also smiled and said, still chatting with Chairman Liu Guoliang, Liu Shiwen, Wang Nan, etc. on social platforms, and still maintain good contact.

(Reporter Li Xiang produced Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]