Sweden has entered Fredrik Andersson, George Ersson, Johan Herbert and Olle Jonsson for the relay over 4x7.5 km in Lillehammer's host cup competition.

But Jonsson has already gone home and will not start, so there will only be three distances for the team.

"Yes, we knew that, but you have to register an entire team (with skiers who competed this weekend) if you are to start.

It will of course be DNF on the team, but they can at least be part of three distances ", Byström justifies the decision to release the team.

DNF stands for "Did not finish" and means that the team did not reach the finish line.

Sweden's first team is in order: Fredrik Jonsson, Calle Halfvarsson, Leo Johansson and William Poromaa.

It is noteworthy that Norway has two very strong teams.

In the second team are Paal Golberg, Martin Löwström Nyenget (third in 15 km yesterday), Hans Christer Holund (second) and Harald Östberg Amundsen.

It can be a tough deal with the first team that has: Erik Valnes, Emil Iversen, Simen Hegstad Krüger and Johannes Hösflot Kläbo.