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RKC Waalwijk-NEC 1-1

2.30 pm:


2.30 pm:

Go Ahead Eagles-FC Twente

4.45 pm:

Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard

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28' GOAL!

1-1 RKC

Odgaard shoots the ball from a difficult angle through the inside of the post.

It is preceded by tinkering by the Nijmegen defense.

Márquez and El Karouani can both clear the ball, but look at each other.

Odgaard can take advantage and signs for the equalizer.

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23 'After a difficult phase, RKC manages to create some danger again.

After a nice action by Bel Hassani, Odgaard can take a hit, but he shoots up against a teammate.

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19 '

Another great opportunity for NEC.

Tavsan swings the ball high for Akman, who heads the ball towards the far post.

Vaessen manages to tap the ball over the bar with a clever save.

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16' GOAL!

0-1 NEC

Etienne Vaessen makes another mistake there.

At the corner kick, the RKC goalkeeper grabs the ball, but only reaches it with the fingertips.

NEC'er Jordy Bruijn takes advantage and taps the ball into the empty goal.

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15 '

The first chance of the match is for NEC, after a bad kick by RKC goalkeeper Vaessen.

It provides a shooting opportunity for Proper, but the ball goes wide via a Waalwijk leg,

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11 '

The first ten minutes of this game will not make it to the summary.

RKC is the slightly better team in the tame opening phase, but NEC goalkeeper Branderhorst does not have to act yet.

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1 '

Arbiter Higler whistles for the first time, the match in Waalwijk has started.

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Roy Kuijpers

can make his debut

at RKC 

today, although the striker starts on the bench.

He was taken over transfer-free from FC Den Bosch this week.

That transition could be completed outside the transfer period, because Kuijpers played in Den Bosch on an amateur basis.

The 21-year-old attacker has scored nine goals in seventeen matches in the Kitchen Champion Division this season.

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will be a special competition


Melle Meulensteen


The captain of RKC plays his hundredth game in professional football.

Spicy detail: the son of former assistant coach of Manchester United René Meulensteen was born in Nijmegen.

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The stadium in Waalwijk also remains empty today.

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Both RKC and NEC have managed to stay out of the relegation zone for the time being this season.

The difference between the two teams in the ranking is seven points, in favor of the Nijmegen team.

11. NEC 14-19

12. FC Groningen 15-18

13. Willem II 15-18

14. Heracles 15-14

15. RKC 14-12

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Ahmed Touba and Michiel Kramer are missing from the home team due to a suspension.

Shawn Adewoye and Lennerd Daneels are their replacements.

RKC line-up:


Gaari, Meulensteen, Van den Buijs, Adewoye;

Azhil, Anita, Bel Hassani;

Odgaard, Daneels, Bakari.

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NEC has to do without Édgar Barreto in Waalwijk.

Trainer Rogier Meijer has appointed Dirk Proper as a replacement.

The nineteen-year-old midfielder still had a permanent base place at the start of the season, but has been on the bench in recent weeks. 

NEC setup:


Van Rooij, Marquez, Odenthal, El Karouani;

Schöne, Proper, Bruijn;

Tavsan, Akman, Mattson.

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