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  • RKC Waalwijk-NEC 2-1

  • AZ Sparta 3-1

  • Go Ahead Eagles FC Twente 1-2

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  • Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard 3-0

a few seconds ago

Linssen is the new top scorer of the Eredivisie thanks to his hits today.

  • Linssen (Feyenoord) 10

  • Haller (Ajax), Til (Feyenoord) 9

  • 2 minutes ago

    52' GOAL!

    3-0 Feyenoord

    There is the third goal, and again it is Linssen who scores after a corner.

    The striker is certainly not the longest, but he times the best and hits the target for the second time tonight.

    3 minutes ago

    52 '

    The second half still has to get going a bit.

    Til tries to serve Linssen with a heel at five meters from the goal, but a Fortuna defender is in between.

    9 minutes ago

    46 '

    The players return to the field in De Kuip.

    What will the second half bring us?

    24 minutes ago

    45 + 3 '

    It is rest in De Kuip, where Feyenoord is a size too big for Fortuna in the first half.

    The 2-0 halftime score is an excellent reflection of the proportions.

    24 minutes ago

    28 minutes ago

    44 '

    Another chance for the Limburgers.

    Rienstra takes a falling ball on his shoe, but the dangerous bet is blocked by Feyenoord defender Pedersen.

    31 minutes ago

    42 '

    Fortuna finally bites the bullet.

    Tekie takes out from about twenty meters and Feyenoord goalkeeper Marciano taps the ball from the corner.

    39 minutes ago

    33 '

    Sinisterra misses a big chance for Feyenoord, in addition, the Colombian is called back for offside.

    But it does indicate that the Rotterdammers still easily get their chances against the weak Fortuna.

    an hour ago

    27' GOAL!

    2-0 Feyenoord

    There is the goal that could not have been missed.

    With a corner from Kökçü, Linssen can head in completely free at the far post.

    The game seems to have already been played, the only blemish is that Kökçü has been injured.

    He is substituted for Jahanbakhsh.

    an hour ago

    25 '

    Feyenoord keeps trying.

    This time Aursnes can lash out, but the Norwegian midfielder blows well over.

    an hour ago

    an hour ago

    20 '

    Feyenoord gets a free kick in an ideal place, just outside the sixteen.

    But Senesi doesn't know what to do with it and shoots the ball hard into the wall.

    an hour ago

    16 '

    After the early 1-0, Feyenoord is lord and master against Fortuna Sittard.

    In this phase we have to wait for the second goal of the Rotterdammers.

    an hour ago

    14 '

    Malacia can now try with a free kick.

    The left back curls the ball along the wall, but goalkeeper Van Osch is there in time.

    an hour ago

    10 '

    Feyenoord immediately looks for the second goal.

    Malacia gets into shooting position, but Van Osch manages to turn his effort around with some effort.

    an hour ago

    8' GOAL!

    1-0 Feyenoord

    The first big chance for the Rotterdammers is immediately hit.

    Til is only put in front of Van Osch and outwits the goalkeeper with a marker.

    an hour ago

    an hour ago

    5 '

    Fortuna attacker Flemming falls in the penalty area after contact with Pedersen.

    Arbiter Dieperink does not think it is a penalty because Flemming goes to the ground very easily and is supported in this by the VAR.

    an hour ago

    3 '

    The game is immediately stopped for a few minutes, because Fortuna defender Tirpan gets the ball hard in the face.

    After treatment he can continue to play.

    an hour ago

    1 '

    Linssen kicks off, Feyenoord-Fortuna is on the way.

    an hour ago

    Feyenoord captain Jens Toornstra has already played against 26 different clubs in the Eredivisie and was accurate against 25 of these opponents.

    Fortuna Sittard is the only exception.

    Toornstra did not score in five games.

    an hour ago

    Fortuna Sittard boarded the bus to Rotterdam this afternoon with little confidence.

    The Limburgers lost the last five games in a row and are in the relegation zone of the Eredivisie.

    an hour ago

    an hour ago

    We are gradually preparing for the last game of the fifteenth round.

    Feyenoord receives Fortuna Sittard in the empty Kuip.

    That is a meeting between the numbers 3 and 17 of the ranking.

    Kick-off is at 4:45 PM.

    2 hours ago

    Ramiz Zerrouki walks away cheering after his beautiful and winning goal.

    The midfielder helps Twente to victory when visiting fellow provincial Go Ahead.

    2 hours ago

    The consequences for the standings of the matches just ended:

    • 6. FC Twente 15-25

    • 8. AZ 15-23

    • 10. Go Ahead 15-20

    • 16. Sparta 15-10

    2 hours ago

    90+3 '

    It is also over in Alkmaar.

    Sparta started well and took a 0-1 lead, but then AZ took the game fairly easily.

    Sparta defender Tom Beugelsdijk can personally count two of the three goals against.

    2 hours ago

    90+3' Finished.

    Twente takes the three points out of the fire, especially thanks to Zerrouki's beautiful goal.

    Go Ahead could no longer squeeze out a final offensive, in the last minutes we mainly watched small disturbances.

    2 hours ago

    2 hours ago

    90 '

    Also in Alkmaar 3 minutes of injury time.

    That is especially good news for the debuting substitutes Buurmeester and Taabouni, perhaps they can still distinguish themselves.

    2 hours ago

    90 '

    In Deventer, 3 minutes of injury time are added.

    Can Go Ahead still prevent the impending home defeat?

    2 hours ago

    86 '

    It has been played in Alkmaar for a while, although AZ is still looking for a fourth goal.

    Midtsjø is close, but shoots into the side net.

    2 hours ago

    82' GOAL!

    1-2 Twente

    Zerrouki shoots him in the top corner!

    The Twente midfielder pulls out from about 25 meters with the inside of the foot, but does so with such precision that Eagles goalkeeper Hahn is left behind.

    2 hours ago

    79' GOAL!

    1-1 FC Twente

    There is the equalizer of Twente and it was a bit coming.

    A corner is missed by everyone, except Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who simply nods at the far post.

    2 hours ago

    73 '

    Nice attempt by Beugelsdijk, of course, who sees that AZ keeper Vindahl is too far in front of his goal and tries it from a distance with a lot of feeling.

    The Sparta defender's effort only just goes over.

    2 hours ago

    75 '

    Twente coach Ron Jans circulates a note with tactical instructions.

    Twente plays better after the break than in the first half, but has not yet been able to score the equalizer.

    2 hours ago


    Nice save by Van Leer, who prevents Pavlidis from making his second with his fingertips.

    2 hours ago

    66' Disapproved!

    AZ's 4-1 is rejected.

    De Wit put Karlsson alone in front of the goal, after which the Swede finishes coolly and completes his hat-trick.

    However, the VAR has seen that it was offside for De Wit.

    2 hours ago

    The decisive 3-1 of Pavlidis in the picture.

    Sparta has since given up a bit and no longer believes in a good result.

    2 hours ago

    58' GOAL!

    3-1 AZ

    Sparta defender Beugelsdijk makes another mistake.

    He heads a ball back, but right into Karlsson's feet.

    The Swede grants Pavlidis a knock and the match seems decided.

    2 hours ago

    55 '

    AZ attacker Karlsson gets a free passage towards Van Leer, but his assumption goes wrong.

    The Swede sees his chance at a hat trick going up in smoke.

    2 hours ago

    46 '

    The second half also starts at AZ-Sparta.

    Sparta coach Fraser makes his second substitution: Jans comes for Masouras.

    2 hours ago

    46 '

    The second half has already started in Deventer.

    What can Twente do about the backlog?

    3 hours ago

    Feyenoord will soon have to do without defender Trauner in De Kuip, he will be replaced by Geertruida.

    Goalkeeper Bijlow is still missing, so that Marciano is on target for the third time with the Rotterdam team.

    Line-up Feyenoord:


    Pedersen, Geertruida, Senesi, Malacia;

    Aursnes, Kokcu, Til;

    Toornstra, Linssen, Sinisterra.

    Setup Fortuna:

     Van Osch;

    Lonwijk, Rienstra, Pinto, Cox;

    Tekie, Duarte, Tirpan;

    Ferati, Flemming, Seuntjens.

    3 hours ago

    With this body movement, Karlsson sends Sparta goalkeeper Van Leer into the wrong corner on the penalty kick.

    Statistics first half AZ-Sparta

    • Possession: 68 percent-32 percent

    • Goal attempts: 3-4

    • Between the posts: 2-3

    3 hours ago

    The 1-0 of Iñigo Córdoba in the picture.

    Go Ahead leaves possession of the ball to Twente, but creates the most danger.

    Statistics Go Ahead-Twente

    • Possession: 40 percent-60 percent

    • Goal attempts: 8-3

    • Between the posts: 3-0 

    3 hours ago

    45+3 '

    The halftime signal also sounds in Alkmaar.

    Jesper Karlsson was the man of the first half with two hits.

    He single-handedly turned a 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 lead.

    3 hours ago

    45 + 2 '

    It is half time in Deventer, where Go Ahead has a deserved 1-0 lead against Twente.

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