The world final qualifying for curling, which will be contested for next year's Beijing Olympics, will open in the Netherlands on the 5th, and the pair of Japanese players Chiaki Matsumura and Yasumasa Tanida will become the American pair in the first match of the mixed doubles qualifying league. I lost 6 to 8.

The curling world final qualifying that started in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, started on the 5th, and the mixed doubles qualifying league started, and the pair of Japanese players Matsumura and Yata played against the American pair in the first match.

The match progressed at the opponent's pace from the beginning, and in the 6th end, which was greeted by 3 to 5, the United States lost 3 points and it was a difficult development.

Japan chose power play aiming for a large number of points in the 7th end, which was a favorable second attack, and regained 3 points at once, but could not take additional points in the final 8th end and 6 pairs We lost at 8 and started the black star.

Matsumura "I couldn't get the feel of ice cream and couldn't bring out the flavor."

Chiaki Matsumura calmly looked back on the game, saying, "I couldn't get the feel of ice cream in the early stages and couldn't bring out our own characteristics."

Yata "I'm more nervous than I expected"

Yasumasa Tanida said, "This is the first mixed doubles tournament, and I'm more nervous than I expected. As the match progressed, both of us started to calm down and play well, so it's a good tournament. I think I was able to get in. I want to bring the stone to a good place from the beginning of the next game. "

What is the Matsumura-Yata pair?

Chiaki Matsumura and Yasumasa Tanida are the winning pair of last year's Japan Championships.

Matsumura is 29 years old from Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture.

Although he is a third member of Chubu Electric Power, he is an all-rounder with experience of skipping.

I have participated in the women's world championship twice.

Yuta Matsumura of Consadole, who participates in the final qualifying round of the world as a representative of boys, is his older brother.

Yata is 27 years old from Nayoro City, Hokkaido.

With its strong sweeping power, it has a track record of being number one in the tournament in terms of shot success rate by position in the men's world championships.

For the final qualifying round in the world, we held a training camp in Canada last month and made adjustments such as playing with various ice creams and confirming tactics.

How do you decide the quota in the final qualifying?

The final world qualifying round for curling will take place in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Mixed doubles will be scheduled from the 5th of this month, and a men's and women's match will be scheduled from the 11th.

[Mixed doubles compete for "2" in the Olympics] The

mixed doubles, in which 14 participating teams participate, will be divided into groups A and B, with 7 teams each in the qualifying league, and will


in a round robin.

The top three teams in each group advance to the playoffs, where

▽ A group 2nd place and B group 3rd place,

▽ B group 2nd place and A group 3rd place play against each other.

Then, the winning team will fight against the team that ranked first in the group in the qualifying league, and the two winning teams will win the quota for the Beijing Olympics.


Men and women

compete for "3" participation slots respectively] For

boys and girls, 9 teams participating in the qualifying league will


in a round robin.

The first-placed team in this league will first win the Beijing Olympics quota.

The playoffs will be held by 3 teams from 2nd to 4th place, and the team that wins the 2nd and 3rd place will win the quota.

The losing team will play against the 4th place team, and the winning team will win the final quota.