The name of EasyToys as one of the sponsors of the Olympic qualifying tournament (OKT) curling in Leeuwarden causes problems.

Some countries, including the United States and Japan, do not want to broadcast the tournament because the name of the erotic webshop is visible.

The name EasyToys has been placed in Leeuwarden, among other things, on the ice floor itself, just like the names of other sponsors.

The OKT started on Saturday and will last until Sunday 19 December.

"We have made clear agreements with the World Curling Federation", says Dagmar van Stiphout, project manager of the tournament in Leeuwarden, in which the Dutch team also participates.

"They know who our partners are and we have permission for that. We have acted very carefully. Now we have found out that a number of broadcast partners believe that they cannot broadcast the matches."

The OKT can be seen in about 25 countries.

EasyToys thinks it is a shame that sponsoring sports is now again causing a stir.

In September last year, the KNVB football association banned FC Emmen from playing on the shirt with the EasyToys name.

After consultation, the parties came to each other and it was still allowed.

"We are surprised," said a spokeswoman.

"We are a neat company and we think curling is a great sport to which we like to associate our name. At the moment we are waiting for the developments."