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On the last wall of Jeddah, just a few meters from the finish line,

Max Verstappen

lost a pole that was well worth a World Cup. After a fabulous lap, in which he had crossed all limits, the championship leader came face to face with the terrible reality: the two Mercedes will start ahead on a track where each overtaking seems like a toothache. In this way,

Lewis Hamilton

not only sees his horizon clear, but also has the advantage of

Valtteri Bottas

to wipe out his eight-point



Mad Max

. In any case, any prediction is worth little in this circuit, lined with dangers, where catastrophe lurks around every corner.

As soon as he got out of the car, still not sure if the damage to the gearbox will allow him to perform at full capacity on Sunday, Verstappen went to the microphones with a small voice. "It's terrible. I don't really know what happened, I've lost my back," he stammered. There was a deep bitterness in his gesture. Under the floodlights of Jeddah, on the shores of the Red Sea, Hamilton had caught a pole that no one counted on anymore. From the garage,

Toto Wolff

, head of the Silver Arrows, could not believe what had happened.

Verstappen could have lifted his foot, because he had a couple of tenths of a margin, but he didn't. He wanted to round off a perfect lap in the last sector, with which to destroy Hamilton's 1: 27.511. It was a direct to the chin, a moral blow, the most finished example of his fabulous talent as a pilot. But Turn 27, the slowest hairpin on the track, had no compassion. The RB16B could not follow the line to the left and ended up stranded in the middle of the asphalt. A terrible image. One of those that end up deciding a world title.

Verstappen's disastrous fate overshadowed everything else, which was not too much for

Fernando Alonso


Carlos Sainz


The two-time world champion, forgetting the good feelings on Friday, will start thirteenth, two places ahead of the Madrid, who could not channel his aggressiveness at the wheel in a good way.

Ferrari and Alpine, in return, can be satisfied with

Charles Leclerc's

fourth place


Esteban Ocon's



In the fight Something started to stink in Mercedes when Bottas's car, which had changed the engine a few hours earlier, was stranded on pit road.

At that time, the FIA ​​communicated the punishment to Hamilton for his incident against Nikita Mazepin in the last free practice, resolved with a reprimand and 25,000 euros.

As expected, the traffic jams before attacking the start of the lap would cause all kinds of unforeseen events. In Q1, Alonso lived a moment of certain anguish, without gaps to get out of the jam when he occupied the last position that gave access to the next round. Sainz had his first scare when Pierre Gasly crossed him at a snail's pace.

Nothing serious, in any case, compared to the fear that must have happened in the middle of Q2, when he lost control of his car at Turn 11. Although he was able to avoid the brutal collision with the wall, the slight damage that he dragged in the rear end ended up taking him away from the upgrade.

His only attempt, despite the promising start, was not enough to sneak into the top-10.

"It's impossible. The car can't be driven," Carlos lamented, hardly breathing in his voice after another whiplash at Turn 11.

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