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My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about the three Eredivisie matches on this Saturday.

  • Eredivisie

  • Program:

  • 6.45 pm: 

    SC Cambuur-Vitesse

  • 9 pm: 


  • Result:

  • PSV FC Utrecht 4-1

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SC Cambuur is the revelation of the Eredivisie for the time being.

The Frisians picked up no less than 24 points from the first fourteen games, a new club record.

Today, the number five of the Eredivisie will be playing without trainer Henk de Jong.

The trainer is sick.

Assistant Sandor van der Heide does the honors in the Cambuur Stadium and has made this setup.

SC Cambuur line-up: 


Schmidt, Mac-Intosch, Schouten, Bangura;

Jacobs, Paulissen, Maulun;

Breij, Uldrikis, Kallon.

in 2 days

This is now the position in the top of the Eredivisie:

  • Ajax 15-



  • PSV 15-



  • Feyenoord 14-



  • FC Utrecht 15-



  • in 2 days

    PSV easily beats weak FC Utrecht

    PSV continues to follow in the footsteps of leader Ajax.

    The team of trainer Roger Schmidt wins relatively easily at home against the weak FC Utrecht.

    After twelve minutes of play, the people of Eindhoven still fall behind, but at halftime the home team leads again through goals from the returned Cody Gakpo and André Ramalho.

    After the interruption, Carlos Vinícius and Philipp Mwene determine the final score at 4-1.

    in 2 days

    86 'The ways of trainer Roger Schmidt are inscrutable.

    Four minutes before the end, with a 4-1 lead against FC Utrecht, he brings his former captain Marco van Ginkel inside the lines.

    He relieves Erick Gutierrez.

    in 2 days

    82 'It has not been exciting in the Philips Stadium for a while, but here Adrián Dalmau fails to put FC Utrecht at 4-2 against PSV.

    The substitute of the Domstedelingen heads completely detached just over Joël Drommel's goal.

    in 2 days

    in 2 days

    81 'Noni Madueke almost scores his goal on his return after a month and a half of injury.

    The Briton pushes the ball right past Maarten Paes's goal.

    in 2 days

    74 'And again great news for PSV.

    Following Cody Gakpo, Noni Madueke and Jordan Teze also make their first minutes after an injury.

    Can tastemaker Madueke in particular still make a contribution in the Philips Stadium?

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    Goalkeeper Schubert not in the game at Vitesse

    At 6.45 pm the second Eredivisie match of the evening is scheduled, between SC Cambuur and Vitesse.

    There is already some striking news to report.

    Vitesse goalkeeper Markus Schubert is not part of Vitesse.

    The goalkeeper, who has been under fire lately for a series of errors, is said to be ill.

    Reserve goalkeeper Jeroen Houwen now gets the coach's confidence.

    Setup Vitesse: 


    Dasa, Dukhi, Bazoer, Wittek;

    Rasmussen, Tronstad, Gboho;

    Openda, Huisman, Buitink.

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    70' GOAL PSV!


    PSV is working on the goal difference against FC Utrecht and that is striking when you consider that this is a battle between the numbers three and four of the Eredivisie.

    Ritsu Doan doesn't get a cross from Yorbe Vertessen against the ropes, but in the post, Philipp Mwene is there like the chickens to tap in.

    It is his first goal for PSV.

    in 2 days

    66 'Cody Gakpo goes to the side after 66 minutes of play.

    Yorbe Vertessen relieves the attacker, who played his first game in a month and a half today.

    The PSV captain can look back on an excellent match.

    in 2 days

    in 2 days

    62 'Cody Gakpo is looking forward to it now that he makes his first minutes since his injury and pulls another mighty sprint towards Maarten Paes' goal.

    Olivier Boscagli sees it happening and launches the attacker with a watched through pass, but he cannot make an attempt.

    in 2 days

    There is no longer a speck in the Eindhoven air for PSV.

    The team of trainer Roger Schmidt seemed to have another difficult day after the early opening goal by Mike van der Hoorn, but is now leading 3-1 and will add three points to the ranking again.

    in 2 days

    55 'There is never a dull moment in the Philips Stadium.

    Now FC Utrecht is again close to the connection goal.

    Hidde ter Avest seems to shoot the ball far wide, but striker Anastasios Douvikas still puts his foot against it, forcing PSV goalkeeper Joël Drommel into action.

    The goalie saves neatly with his feet.

    in 2 days

    52 'The VAR calls referee Danny Makkelie to the side because, according to VAR Joey Kooij, Bruma was in the path of Ritsu Doan's shot in an offside position.

    Arbitrator Makkelie thinks otherwise.

    He does not think it is a bothersome offside from Doan and awards the 3-1 to PSV.

    in 2 days

    51' GOAL PSV!


    The match seems to have been played in Eindhoven now that PSV is 3-1.

    Once again FC Utrecht goalkeeper Maarten Paes looks bad.

    The Utrecht goalie has no answer to the shot in the short corner by Ritsu Doan.

    The VAR is still looking at the images.

    in 2 days

    in 2 days

    49 'After his mistake that led to the 2-1 for PSV, Maarten Paes is recovering here with verve.

    The FC Utrecht goalkeeper prevents PSV's 3-1 with a feline save on Ritsu Doan's shot.

    PSV's attack is particularly beautiful.

    After a flashy combination between Doan and Cody Gakpo, Doan is alone in front of Paes.

    At PSV things are getting better and better.

    in 2 days

    kick off!

    With defender Armando Obsipo in front of surprisingly striker Carlos Vinícius, PSV has started the second half against FC Utrecht.

    PSV now seems to be defending the 2-1 lead against FC Utrecht with Cody Gakpo in the striker.

    in 2 days

    Armando Obispo is warming up during the intermission.

    The defense seems to be making an appearance at PSV in the second half.

    in 2 days

    The schlemiel of the evening in the Philips Stadium has so far been FC Utrecht goalkeeper Maarten Paes.

    The keeper releases a pass from Cody Gakpo as if it were a hot croquette and thus leads André Ramalho's 2-1.

    in 2 days


    After 45 minutes of football in the Philips Stadium, PSV gets off a roller coaster of emotions for fifteen minutes.

    The team from Eindhoven falls behind FC Utrecht after twelve minutes by a striking header from Mike van der Hoorn, after which PSV equalizes fifteen minutes later via the returned Cody Gakpo.

    After FC Utrecht keeper Maarten Paes makes a mistake and André Ramalho takes advantage, PSV hits the post and the bar.

    Thus it is 2-1 in the Philips Stadium.

    in 2 days

    in 2 days

    46' Bar 

    for PSV! 

    It is certainly not going well for PSV, even though the team of trainer Roger Schmidt is now leading 2-1 against FC Utrecht.

    Carlos Vinícius combines with Ritsu Doan, whose shot is barely cracked.

    In the rebound, Vinicius hits the bar from close range.

    PSV keeps FC Utrecht alive and who would have thought that after the opening quarter.

    in 2 days


    Pole for PSV! 

    FC Utrecht has completely lost it after PSV's 2-1 and the people of Eindhoven almost decide the match.

    Bruma starts a solo and gets space from his attacker Mike van der Hoorn to lash out.

    The attacker does that very well.

    His shot just bounces off the post.

    in 2 days

    FC Utrecht is again facing a backlog.

    The last time Utrecht lost an Eredivisie game in which it took the lead was on April 11 this year against Feyenoord (1-2 after 1-0).

    in 2 days

    35' GOAL PSV!


    PSV turns a deficit into a lead in the space of eight minutes and FC Utrecht goalkeeper Maarten Paes can be grateful for that.

    The keeper simply taps a cross from Cody Gakpo into André Ramalho's feet and the defender does not fail for an empty goal.

    What a blunder of Paes, who with his hands on his hips ponders his sins.

    in 2 days

    34 'And on the other hand, it is almost hit again for PSV.

    Adam Maher tries to intercept Bruma's pass with a sliding tackle, but he taps the ball into the feet of Carlos Vinícius.

    The Brazilian shoots hard and finds the shoe of FC Utrecht goalkeeper Maarten Paes in the short corner.

    in 2 days

    in 2 days

    31 'Whew, FC Utrecht almost takes the lead again in the Philips Stadium.

    Adam Maher is allowed to score a free kick from the edge of the penalty area and shoots the ball wide through the wall.

    PSV has a hard time against the economically playing Domstedelingen.

    in 2 days

    27' GOAL PSV!


    Cody Gakpo is back on the fields and FC Utrecht now knows that too.

    The left winger works hard in the short corner after PSV recaptures the ball after goal scorer Mike van der Hoorn's poor defense.

    Van der Hoorn gets a push from Gakpo, but the arbitration does not consider that a violation.

    in 2 days

    Euphoria for Mike van der Hoorn after his opening goal for FC Utrecht against PSV.

    For the experienced defender, it is his first goal in the Eredivisie since May 1, 2016, when he scored against FC Twente (4-0) in the Ajax shirt.

    in 2 days

    Troubled looks at the PSV players after Mike van der Hoorn's early opening goal for FC Utrecht.

    The home team has to chase after it in its own Philips Stadium for the time being.

    in 2 days

    18 'PSV does not seem to have really woken up after Mike van der Hoorn's opening goal.

    There is little urgency in the game of the people of Eindhoven.

    Trainer Roger Schmidt has to come up with a ruse.

    in 2 days

    12' GOAL FC Utrecht!


    After twelve minutes of play, PSV surprisingly falls behind FC Utrecht in its own Philips Stadium.

    Mike van der Hoorn hits it hard from a corner kick by Simon Gustafson.

    Remarkably enough, the FC Utrecht defender can head in completely freely.

    PSV has to give chase.

    in 2 days

    11 'PSV loses the ball at the center line and then FC Utrecht comes out very quickly via Anastasios Douvikas.

    His shot goes just wide through the leg of a PSV player.

    in 2 days

    9 'This does not bode well for the sequel.

    Adam Maher tries to fire at Joël Drommel's target, but he gets no further than a dropout.

    The ball almost enters the second ring of the Philips Stadium.

    in 2 days

    5 'It is necessary to explore in the first minutes of PSV-FC Utrecht.

    PSV may make the game of the Domstedelingen, but do not take too much risk yet and play the ball around calmly.

    in 2 days

    kick off! 

    The ball rolls in Eindhoven.

    Can PSV stay in the footsteps of leader Ajax?

    Or can FC Utrecht put a stop to that in the Philips Stadium?

    We'll know the answer in an hour and a half.

    in 2 days

    PSV is probably out for recovery after last Sunday's loss of points.

    The people of Eindhoven were stuck in Friesland on a 1-1 draw against Heerenveen.

    Fifteen minutes before the end, the home team equalized against the team of coach Roger Schmidt.

    in 2 days

    It is a desolate decor, but the bitter reality due to the corona measures of the outgoing cabinet.

    A great match like PSV-FC Utrecht is also played behind closed doors.

    in 2 days

    Cody Gakpo returns to PSV's line-up today after an absence of a month and a half.

    The left winger has recovered from an ankle injury and so the Eindhovener can make his appearance again in the team of trainer Roger Schmidt.

    Noni Madueke has also been declared fit again after an injury.

    However, the winger does start on the reserve bench.

    Mario Götze is missing tonight due to back problems.

    Davy Pröpper is also not there.

    The midfielder is struggling with knee problems.

    PSV line-up: 


    Mwene, Ramalho, Boscagli, Mauro Junior;

    Sangare, Gutierrez;

    Doan, Gakpo, Bruma;


    in 2 days

    On late Saturday afternoon, a squatter in the Eredivisie is on the program right away.

    Number three PSV receives number four FC Utrecht, which is performing surprisingly well in the top of the competition.

    The people of Eindhoven are not allowed to lose points after leader Ajax beat Willem II 5-0 last Thursday.

    in 2 days

    It's Saturday and that means that there will be football again in the Eredivisie.

    Today there are only three games on the program, including PSV-FC Utrecht.

    An overview:

    4.30 pm: 

    PSV-FC Utrecht

    6.45 pm: 

    SC Cambuur-Vitesse

    9 pm: 


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