AZ won the Eredivisie on Thursday for the first time since the end of October.

After a nice display of support from Fortuna player Zian Flemming for amateur sport, the Alkmaarders turned a deficit into a lead: 2-1.

Flemming broke the ban in the AFAS Stadium in the ninth minute and then showed the camera a note, which read #sportenisGezond.

The outgoing cabinet tightened the opening time for amateur sports last Friday, so that sports after 5 p.m. are no longer possible.

Earlier in the day, Flemming expressed his dissatisfaction with the measure on Instagram.

"This measure destroys more than it benefits," he wrote.

"It is inexplicable that people are prohibited from exercising after 5 p.m., especially during a health crisis."

"Given my exemplary role as a top athlete, I feel called to speak out for amateur sport," he stated in his statement.

"To all sports associations and athletes: you have my support #sportenishealthy."

Flemming's nice gesture was to no avail.

AZ equalized on the stroke of half-time via Vangelis Pavlidis, after which Jesper Karlsson scored the winning 2-1 just after the interruption.

As a result, AZ records its first win after three consecutive matches without a win and the team of trainer Pascal Jansen rises to eighth place.

Concerns continue to increase for Fortuna Sittard.

The team of the troubled trainer Sjors Ultee lost for the fifth time in a row and is in penultimate place in the Eredivisie with nine points from fourteen matches.

The Limburgers, who finished eleventh last season, have only won twice this season.

💪 Sport is healthy! Zian Flemming puts @FortunaSittard ahead in Alkmaar within 10 minutes and speaks out for amateur sport.



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Fortuna gives up the lead

With the pressure on both trainers, AZ and Fortuna waited to start the game in the empty AFAS Stadium, but Fortuna took the lead after nine minutes.

After Nigel Lonwijk just saw his free kick go over, Flemming simply had the ball from a corner before heading in, after which he removed the note from his sock: 0-1.

AZ slowly recovered after the early opening goal and after half an hour had a cartload of opportunities.

It wasn't until the 41st minute that it actually became equal.

Pavlidis headed in his fifth league goal of the season on a pass from Dani de Wit: 1-1.

Fortuna Sittard had nothing more to say after the break and was already behind six minutes after the interruption.

Karlsson started a solo 35 meters from Fortuna's goal and surprised goalkeeper Yannick van Osch with a low shot from the second line, allowing AZ to finally add a three-pointer.

At AZ, you can finally laugh again after the first win since the end of October.

At AZ, you can finally laugh again after the first win since the end of October.

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