Anicet Mbida 6:55 a.m., December 2, 2021

Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Thursday, he is interested in an invention of the Canadian startup Cobionix, automatic booths where we are vaccinated by a robot.

Since the generalization of the third dose, many cities have announced the reopening of vaccinodromes.

But many have difficulty finding staff.

Suddenly, we are now considering automatic booths where we are vaccinated by a robot. 

It is an invention of the Canadian startup Cobionix.

She is very proud to have invented the first robot capable of vaccinating you completely independently.

It looks like a booth like a photo booth.

You enter.

You scan your vital card or your ID to verify that you are the one who made the appointment.

Then, you have to fill out the usual questionnaire to ensure that there is no contraindication to the vaccine.  

When everything is validated, a huge articulated arm will pick up the dose, locate the position of your body and your shoulder, then give the injection in the right place thanks to a series of sensors.

The case is wrapped up in less than five minutes, and the staff shortage is remedied. 

It is not very reassuring.

What if we move?

What if the robot aims askew?

Obviously, they answer that the system has been perfectly tested, that it is completely reliable and that there are many safeguards to avoid butchering your arm.

But I admit, I would not like to play guinea pigs. 

Only reassuring point: he does not use a needle, but a jet of compressed air which will inject the vaccine through the pores of the skin.

There would therefore be less risk.

And that should hurt a little less.

To see if this will be enough to agree to be vaccinated by a robot.

In any case, it could become a necessary step.

Remember that vaccination campaigns are very expensive to organize.

At the moment, we are also vaccinating against the flu.

This mobilizes a lot of people.

And health professionals are increasingly difficult to mobilize.

After "vaccinodromes" you may have to get used to "vaccinomates".