In the Bundesliga, a maximum of fifteen thousand fans are currently welcome in the stadiums.

The federal government decided this on Thursday due to the increasing number of corona infections.

For outdoor events, 30 to 50 percent of the total capacity can still be used, with a maximum of fifteen thousand people.

For sports events that take place indoors, the limit is a maximum of five thousand attendees.

Supporters are also required to wear a face mask.

The 2G rule also applies everywhere.

This means that only those who have been vaccinated or people who have recently recovered from the coronavirus are welcome.

In some states, fans are no longer allowed at football matches.

For example, the prime minister of Bavaria has already announced that Bayern Munich will have to play its home games behind closed doors if the federal government does not decide on a total spectator ban.

Also at RB Leipzig - located in Saxony, which has been hard hit by the pandemic - and SC Freiburg, VfB Stuttgart and Hoffenheim - which are based in Baden-Württemberg - the so-called 'ghost matches' are returning.

Since 14 November, football matches have been played without an audience in the Eredivisie.

The Dutch clubs are compensated for the lost income.

It is unclear whether this is also the case in Germany.