The second match of the qualifying league was held in "World Tour Finals", which decides the annual champion of the badminton tour tournament, and the pair of Arisa Higashino and Yuta Watanabe who won the bronze medal in the mixed doubles of the Tokyo Olympics won. It's been two consecutive wins since the opening.

The "World Tour Finals" held in Indonesia is a tournament that decides the annual champion from the top 8 players in the tour of the international badminton tournament, and the second game of the qualifying league will be held on the 2nd. I was.

Of these, the pair of Higashino and Watanabe, who won the opening round in the world, played against the Malaysian pair, who ranked 11th in the world.

In the first game, the lead gradually expanded from the middle stage onward, taking the lead 21-16.

In the second game that followed, he took the initiative from the beginning, took a big difference of 21 to 10 and won straight, and won the second straight victory from the opening.

In the other Japanese teams, Akane Yamaguchi, who is 3rd in the world in women's singles, has a game count of 2: 1 against a Korean player who is 6th in the world, and Chiharu Shida and Nami Matsuyama, who are 7th in the world in women's doubles, are paired. The world's 13th place England pair was straight, and in the men's doubles, the world's 6th place Takuro Hoki and Kobayashi Yugo's pair beat the world's 31st place France pair straight.

On the other hand, Kento Momota, who abstained in the first match of the day, was eliminated by the rules of the tournament.