Johannes Hösflot Kläbo refused in Ruka to wear the logo from one of the Norwegian Ski Association's sponsors, Viaplay.

But then came the turnaround.

In a press release, it was revealed that he agrees to compete with the logo after all.

Kläbo believes that this is not about Viaplay's editorial investment, but that it is a matter of principle.

That a sponsor also monitors the competitions is what he reacts to.

- For me, it has been important to convey my concerns in relation to credibility and independence.

And although I will not continue this debate, it is an important debate.

I have managed to get it on the agenda and show where I stand in this case, says Kläbo in a press release.

Kläbo will thus during the World Cup competitions in Lillehammer wear the same competition clothes as the rest of the national ski team, which includes the Viaplay logo.