Professional baseball Lotte rookie Pitcher Choi Jun-yong appeared on SBS YouTube channel 'I live in baseball' and showed off his hidden musical talent. Unfortunately, I missed the Rookie of the Year award, but my singing skills are the same as the Grand Prize.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


Lotte's second-year rookie Choi Jun-yong competed fiercely with KIA Eui-ri Lee for the rookie of the year with a two-point ERA in 20 holds, the highest ever for a rookie, with a strong fastball.

As a result of the voting, he finished second by a short drive, but Choi Jun-yong smiled brightly saying that he had brushed off all his regrets.

[Choi Jun-yong/Lotte Pitcher: I'm really okay, so you don't have to comfort me, and I think I'm better because I work harder when I'm sad.]

Jun-yong Choi, who appeared on SBS YouTube's live broadcast '


Live in Baseball', has a witty talk and overflowing musical talent. astonished the fans.

He showed off his piano skills he learned as a child and his singing skills with a powerful high-pitched sound like 'Dol-Jikgu'.

[Choi Junyong/Lotte Pitcher: In the dormitory of Gyeongnam High School, there is a lot of echo in the shower room. At one point, the high-pitched tone was high and it was pierced.]

Choi Jun-yong thanked the fans for their love and vowed to repay them on the mound.

[Choi Jun-yong/Lotte Pitcher: Yesterday I was at the place of applause, but this time next year, I will work hard so that I can participate in the awards ceremony at the place where I receive applause.]

(Video Edit: Woo-jung Woo)