Lee Hyun-joong, who is playing in American college basketball, smashed 32 points, the most since entering the United States, and raised his dream of advancing into the NBA.

In a match against rival Charlotte University, Lee Hyun-joong of Davidson University evaded the defense with his unique fast shooting action and shot a parabola without hesitation.

He exploded 32 points, including six 3-pointers, and broke his record for most goals in a game in nine days.

[The silent assassin, Lee Hyun-joong quietly aimed the tip of the gun and pulled the trigger properly.] In

rebounds, he recorded a personal maximum of 14, leading the team to four consecutive wins.

[Lee Hyun-joong / Davidson University Guard: I couldn't beat Charlotte for the past two years in a row.

I just thought I had to win.

I wanted to make the opponent's cheering table quiet.] With

Lee Hyun-joong's successive performances, expectations for next year's NBA Draft are growing.