Japanese athletes met online before the world final qualifying round for curling to compete for next year's Beijing Olympics will be held in the Netherlands from the 5th of this month, and women's representative Loco Solare's Satsuki Fujisawa said, "High. We want to concentrate on our play so that we can perform, "he said with enthusiasm.

Women's Satsuki Fujisawa "Fighting to concentrate on our play"

Japanese athletes are continuing to make adjustments in Switzerland ahead of the final round of curling qualifying in the Netherlands, which will compete for next year's Beijing Olympics.

On the 1st, an online press conference was held, and among them, Fujisawa, who skips at the women's national team Loco Solare, said, "During a long-term expedition in Canada where shots and strategies were conducted to respond to various changes in ice cream. In the final qualifying round in the world, the level of the opponent team will be high, but in order to achieve high performance, we want to concentrate on our own play rather than what the opponent does. " bottom.

Men's Yuta Matsumura "If you play without being nervous, the result will follow"

In addition, Yuta Matsumura, who skips at the men's representative Consadole, said, "The team is getting a sense of stability. I think that the result will come if you do not lose in a row and play as much as possible without being nervous. So I want to get the right to participate. "

The final qualifying round for curling will begin on the 5th of this month with mixed doubles and on the 11th with men's and women's matches.

Mixed doubles is within 2nd place out of 14 participating teams.

Men and women will each win the Beijing Olympics if they are in the 3rd place out of 9 teams.

Mixed Doubles Yasumasa Tanida "Enjoy without hesitation"

Chiaki Matsumura, who participates in the mixed doubles in the world final qualifying for curling, said, "First of all, if you join the top three teams in the group, you will advance to the tournament, so that is the first goal. I was talking.

In addition, Yasumasa Tanida said, "I have been able to train so well and I can't wait for the tournament. I have to be in the top two slots to participate in the Beijing Olympics, but I want to enjoy the tournament without hesitation." I was talking.