Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 30 (Reporters Pan Yi, Wang Yao, Wei Hua) At the invitation of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, a high-profile delegation of Olympic athletes from the Mainland will arrive in Hong Kong on December 3 for a three-day event. Exchange activities.

  This visit by mainland Olympic athletes to Hong Kong is one of the series of activities of "The Spirit of the Times Brings Hong Kong to Hong Kong".

The delegation members come from 12 competitions, 29 athletes who have achieved good results in the Tokyo Olympics and 3 coaches, including: "Asian trapeze" Su Bingtian, who ran 9 seconds 83 in the men's 100 meters, won in the history of table tennis in the world. Malone, who has the most champions in Olympics and other competitions, broke the monopoly of the United States and Australia and won the women's 4×200m freestyle relay championship and rewritten the world record. Yang Junxuan and Tang Muhan, diving men's singles and doubles three-meter springboard double champion Xie Sicheng, the oldest Olympic champion in weightlifting history Lv Xiaojun, Olympic "Four Dynasties" women's shot put champion Gong Lijiao, China and Asia's first Olympic women's javelin champion Liu Shiying, China's first Olympic women's individual epee champion Sun Yiwen, successfully defended the women's cycling team sprint champion at the Tokyo Olympics She also broke the world record, Zhong Angel, the first women’s trampoline champion Zhu Xueying who donated Olympic gold medals to the museum, the rowing women’s quadruple scull combination with Cui Xiaotong as the lead oarsman who won the world’s best result, and trained many for the country Olympic champion swimming coach Wang Aimin, weightlifting coach Shao Guoqiang, rowing coach Zhang Xiuyun.

  During the delegation's visit to Hong Kong, it will carry out various activities such as performances, performances, lectures, media meetings, etc., to conduct extensive exchanges with all walks of life in Hong Kong, and to interact with Hong Kong youths in communities and campuses.

  According to Wang Lei, deputy director of the Sports Department of the State Sports General Administration who accompanied the delegation to Hong Kong, after the Tokyo Olympics, a new Olympic cycle has been launched, and some world competitions have begun one after another.

In such a gap to participate in the exchange activities in Hong Kong, athletes are paying more attention and eagerly looking forward to it.

  Visiting Hong Kong athlete Gong Lijiao said: "I am honored to have such an opportunity to have exchanges in Hong Kong this time. The Hong Kong team of China has achieved a remarkable record beyond the past in the Tokyo Olympics. As a compatriot, I am very proud of them."

  The Mainland Olympic athletes' visit to Hong Kong is hosted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the General Administration of Sports, and the Hong Kong Central Liaison Office, and is co-organized by the Hong Kong Sports Association and Olympic Committee of China. It aims to further enhance the cultural exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong, including sports.

  At the Tokyo Olympics this summer, the Chinese sports delegation ranked second on the medal list with 38 golds, 32 silvers and 18 bronzes.

The Hong Kong delegation created its best record in Olympic Games history with 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.