• Troisièmes assez inattendus de la Ligue 1 avant leur rencontre choc avec le PSG, les Aiglons peinent à assumer ce podium.

  • « Ce groupe est encore en construction, analyse Patrice Alberganti, un ancien joueur du Gym. On a un léger problème d’expérience, notamment quand il s’agit de jouer contre un bloc bas. »

  • « Ils peuvent renverser des matchs, mais on ne sent pas encore une équipe qui est programmée pour être deuxième », constate aussi l’ancien milieu rouge et noir Roger Ricort.

Sometimes flamboyant but also often unpredictable. Quite unexpectedly third in Ligue 1 before their shock meeting with PSG, this Wednesday evening at the Parc des Princes, the Aiglons won this season, but also often tripped over the carpet. Quite inexplicably moreover. As against Montpellier on November 7 (0-1) or at home against Metz on Saturday (0-1). "Defensive error", "offensive draft" or "lack of relations between the players", were noted in particular by Christophe Galtier.

What if the group formed by the new Nice coach was still simply too green to ensure, without batting an eyelid, a stable place in the top three?

"This group is still under construction," analyzes former Gym player Patrice Alberganti.

There is a slight experience problem, especially when it comes to playing against a low block.

And it happens often.

We are faced with matches where the opposing teams only come to Nice to defend.

It will have to be part of the learning.


First season in Ligue 1 for Bard, second for Gouiri

The group has yet to agree, especially since "there are also some players who are young". "In this workforce, we must not forget that Melvin Bard is playing his first season in Ligue 1 and that for Amine Gouiri, it is his second," continues the consultant for radio France Bleu azur. There are plenty of emerging players who are there to gain the experience necessary to know how to play in transition phases. "

The “old” Mario Lemina, Dante and Andy Delort are there to ensure the tempo and a certain maturity, but perhaps not enough to ensure to secure the podium in the long term.

“They are able to make a move, but they are not yet able to ensure 90 minutes three times in a row, also slice the former red and black midfielder Roger Ricort.

They can reverse games, but you don't yet feel a team that is scheduled to be second.

She does not fully understand her subject, either on the start of the match or in terms of confidence in general.


The qualities to hold a European place

The team, if Christophe Galtier manages to make the necessary adjustments, has the means to seek a European place this season.

It remains to be seen which one exactly.

“The team still has what it takes,” assures Patrice Alberganti.

Nice in particular has the necessary arguments in terms of the quality of the counter.


A quality that could why not allow the Gym to create the feat against PSG.

“It's Paris who will have possession of the ball, it's Paris who will do most of it.

And Nice could put his game in place more easily.

The profile of PSG can help OGC Nice to produce a very interesting match ”, loose the former player.

Response from 9 pm, and to follow live on

20 Minutes



Petri dish of talent but "still far from the Blues", how far can Amine Gouiri go?


Lionel Messi finally present in the group for PSG - Nice, not Sergio Ramos

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