Suarez, who won the title with the most saves in professional baseball Hanshin for the second consecutive year, has decided to leave the team in order to transfer to the major leagues.

This was revealed to the press on the 30th by the head of the Hanshin Tigers Satoshi Shimamura.

Suarez, who transferred from Softbank last season, has a straight over 160 kg, and was left to hold down in Hanshin Tigers. Did.

As an indispensable force for the baseball team, we have been proceeding with residual negotiations, but pitcher Suarez has a strong desire to "challenge the major leagues" and has approved the withdrawal.

Suarez will be announced as a freelance player on the 2nd and will be able to negotiate with all baseball teams, including Major League Baseball.

"I was really successful, but I was told by my agent that I would like him to pursue his dream. Unfortunately, I would like to support his decision," said the head of the Shimamura baseball team.

With the departure of pitcher Suarez, who is an absolute closer, Hanshin has an urgent need to improve the relief team for next season.

Also, in the second year of their arrival in Japan, it has been decided that Sands, who has played a central role in the batting line, and Edwards, who played as a middle pitcher, will also leave the team.

Five other foreign players, including Marté, are expected to sign contracts next season as well.