Tiger Woods, the 'golf king', held a media interview for the first time in 9 months after the car accident and talked about the serious situation at the time. 

This news is reporter Ha Seong-ryong. 


Tiger Woods, who suffered a serious leg injury in an accident in which the vehicle he was driving overturned in February, naturally walked into the interview without crutches or assistive devices after nine months. 

Although his condition has improved as much now, he revealed that he almost had his leg amputated at the time of the accident. 

[Tiger Woods: (Possibility of amputation) 50/50. I lost one of my legs and almost got out of the hospital.] 

Woods, who recently released a swing video of the practice range, raised fans' expectations, said that there is still a long way to go. 

[Tiger Woods: It is difficult to go up and down the slope, but walking on flat ground is no problem. I haven't even reached the middle yet. I need to strengthen my leg muscles and nerves more.] 

He calmly accepted the reality, saying that it is different from the miraculous resurrecting after undergoing 10 surgeries in the past. 

[Tiger Woods: I will play in a tournament someday, but I can't play full-time for the season, and I think I'll have to pick a few tournaments.] He 

said it would be difficult to win again even if he returned. 

[Tiger Woods: I think it is realistically difficult to conquer to the top even if we climb the mountain again.] 

Woods will make his first public appearance after the accident at a contest hosted by his foundation this week. 

(Video editing: Lee Jung-taek, video source: American Golf Digest)