19-year-old Truls Möregårdh finished second in the World Table Tennis Championships in Houston.

And Jan-Ove Waldner, Sweden's latest world champion in men's singles in Manchester in 1997, thinks it bodes well for the future of Swedish ping-pong.

- It is an incredible tournament that he does, I am glad that he stands up as well as he did in the final against a world-class player, says SVT Sports expert Jan-Ove Waldner.

In addition to Möregårdh's silver, Kristian Karlsson and Mattias Falck won gold in doubles.

- A gold and a silver, we are back at the top where we should be.

We will see more of Truls, Anton (Källberg, 44 in the world and undefeated in the Bundesliga this season) and Kristian and the whole gang.

They are still young and have an ambition.

You see in Truls after the match that he is disappointed, that's good, says Waldner.

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Truls Möregårdh Photo: Bildbyrån