At the World Table Tennis Championships, Woo-jin Jang and Jong-hoon Lim, who made it to the finals for the first time in men's doubles history, lost to the Swedish team in the final and took the runners-up.

Woo-Jin Jang and Jong-Hun Lim faced off against Sweden's Karlsson-Falk in the final.

The Karlsson-Falck group made a stir by beating the world's second-placed group China in the semifinals, and they continued their upward trend in the finals.

Woo-jin Jang and Jong-hoon Lim gave up 1 and 2 sets due to frequent errors in the early stages, and in the 3rd set, they won 13-11 with successive topspin attacks and had hopes of a comeback, but in the end they lost 4 sets 12 to 10 and took runner-up. .

Korea has won only eight bronze medals in men's doubles so far, but this time, it was the first time in history that they won a silver medal thanks to the propaganda between Jang Woo-jin and Im Jong-hoon.