At the executive committee meeting held on the 29th, the soccer J-League gathered representatives of each club and decided to aim to hold a match from next season without setting a limit on the number of spectators.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus in the J-League, games are held this season with a limit on the number of spectators, and the current upper limit is half the capacity of the stadium.

On the 29th, the J-League gathered the representatives of the club and held an executive committee to discuss the policy of holding the game next season.

Among them, it is said that they have agreed with each club to aim to hold a match from next season without setting a limit on the number of spectators, in accordance with the government's basic coping policy that includes concrete measures to ease behavior restrictions. That is.

According to the J-League, each club that is the organizer of the match needs to submit a safety plan for infection control to the prefecture where the match venue is located and receive confirmation, so the J-League is expected to be in the middle of next month. We are planning to hold a briefing session for the club.

On the other hand, we will continue to disallow vocal support at present.

Mitsuru Murai, chairman of the J-League, said, "The threat of Omicron stocks has been talked about, but first of all, it would be good if we could finish this season in a good way and start next season."

Regarding the entry of foreign athletes into the country in the future, he said, "Today, the government has announced a policy of stricter border measures, but we must plan with the guidance of the government and the Japan Sports Agency." ..