Seiya Suzuki's agent, who is aiming to transfer to the major leagues from professional baseball Hiroshima using the posting system, met and said, "I can't tell you the details, but 8 to 15 teams have shown interest and have already started online interviews. "There is," he revealed the current situation.

Suzuki has won the title of batting champion and highest on-base percentage this season, has a batting average of 30% for the fifth consecutive year, and has marked more than 25 home runs. Contributed to winning the gold medal.

We are aiming to move to the major leagues next season, and negotiations using the posting system have started on the 22nd of this month.

On the 28th, agent Joel Wolfe said in an online press conference, "I can't tell you the details, but Suzuki is interested in 8 to 15 major league baseball teams. Some teams have already shown interest. I have also started an online interview with him, and Suzuki himself and his wife, Airi, are also present to listen to the story. "

He also emphasized the points in the negotiations: "He concentrates on baseball, so he wants a city where his family can live safely, which is more important than the amount of money. Also, the team can aim for a world champion. I want the environment, and I also want to inspect the practice environment. "

He added that "each team is paying attention to Suzuki's small number of strikeouts and high on-base percentage. He is a player with no shortcomings in both offense and defense, and has a wealth of experience on the international stage."