client Beijing, November 29th. With the Dutch race ending on the 28th local time, all four events of the World Cup of Short Track Speed ​​Skating this season have come to an end.

The Chinese team completed the most important goal of the trip-to achieve full participation in each individual event of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  As the ace troop of China's ice and snow sports, the short track speed skating team is the forefront of the Chinese delegation in the competition for gold and silver in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

So far, the Chinese delegation has won 13 gold medals since participating in the Winter Olympics, including 10 short-track speed skating contributions.

Data map: Photographed by China News Agency reporter Tomita Wu Dajing during the game

  To some extent, the performance of the short track speed skating team can be regarded as a barometer of the performance of the Chinese delegation.

Therefore, as the Winter Olympics is approaching, the team's preparations have attracted much attention.

As the host, the Chinese short-track speed skating team has obtained full seats in three relay events ahead of time. Through the World Cup, Chinese players have also earned enough points in six single events including the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m for men and women. .

This means that in the Beijing Winter Olympics, there will be 3 Chinese players in every single event.

  So far this season, the best athlete in the team is Ren Ziwei.

In the men's 1500m Group A final in the Netherlands on the evening of the 27th, Ren Ziwei won the gold medal with a time of 2:20.352.

This is his third championship in the individual event of the World Cup this season, and he has twice reached the highest podium of 1,500 meters.

In addition to the collective project, Ren Ziwei has a gold medal in each station.


Data Map: Ren Ziwei

  Olympic champion Wu Dajing finally won in the Dutch race.

As the gold medalist of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the 500m, Wu Dajing failed to exert his full strength in the first three World Cup competitions. This regret was finally made up in the final match.

In the men's 500m final in the Netherlands, Wu Dajing won the gold medal with a time of 39.878 seconds, which was his first gold in the World Cup this season.

  Throughout all four races, the state of Chinese players has steadily recovered.

In the first stop in Beijing, the Chinese team won two gold medals in the men's and women's 2,000-meter relay and the women's 3,000-meter relay.

In the second stop in Japan, Ren Ziwei was a great rider in the men's 1000m race.

In the third round of Hungary, while Ren Ziwei won the 1500m gold medal, the Chinese team won the 2000m mixed relay championship again.

At the final stop in the Netherlands, Ren Ziwei lived up to expectations and defended the 1500-meter gold medal, while Wu Dajing returned to bravery and climbed onto the highest podium in the 500-meter main event.

Data map: Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating venue, Capital Gymnasium, China News Agency reporter Tomita

  However, through the World Cup, the Chinese short track speed skating team also exposed some problems.

After the four races, the women's team had no gold medal in the single event, which somewhat surprised the audience.

Especially the women's 500 meters, this is the small event that the Chinese delegation has won the most gold medals in the Winter Olympics. Yang Yang, Wang Meng, and Li Jianrou have all won the title in this event.

  It has been less than 70 days since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. I hope that the Chinese short-track speed skating team will seize the last time to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics and achieve another success in the Beijing Winter Olympics!