Miranda of Doosan, who surpassed Dongwon Choi's strikeout record in 'Legend', became the 'best star' in professional baseball. The future of Korean baseball, KIA Eui-ri Lee was named 'Rookie of the Year'.

Byung-min Yoo.


[The main character of the 2021 KBO MVP, Doosan Bears Ariel Miranda!]

There was no disagreement.

Miranda took the MVP award with a total score of 588, far outpacing 2nd place Lee Jeong-hu and 3rd place Baek-ho Kang.

Miranda, who struck out 225 in 28 games this year, set a new record, surpassing Dong-won Choi's 223 in 1984, which was considered an 'immortal record'.

[Ariel Miranda / Doosan Pitcher: I plan to join the Doosan Bears next year if I have the opportunity to prepare harder.] In the

fierce competition for the Rookie of the Year, Lee Eui-ri of KIA, who played for the national team, defeated Choi Jun-yong of Lotte.

This is the first Rookie of the Year from the Tigers in 36 years since Lee Soon-cheol in 1985.

[Lee Eui-ri/KIA Pitcher: (At the awards ceremony) I was told to empty my mind and go, so I came to empty my mind, and I am fortunate to have a good result.] When

Lee Jung-hoo, who won the first batting title in his debut, revealed a bigger goal for next season,

[Lee Jung-hoo: I will challenge the home run king.] .]

Homerun king Choi Jeong wittily counters it.

[Choi Jeong: Next year, I will be the batting king.]

Oh Seung-hwan, the undisputed finalist, answered the question of when to retire.

[Seunghwan Oh: I think we will have to do it until Samsung wins.]

Professional baseball will end the eventful 2021 with the Golden Glove Awards ceremony next month.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Woo-jung Woo)