Chinanews client, November 28th, on the 28th, Beijing time, the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships Women's Singles 1/4 finals began a fierce duel.

In the end, the Chinese table tennis team successfully swept the women's singles semi-finals in this World Table Tennis Championships.

  In the much-watched "China-Japan Showdown", the national table tennis female player Wang Yidi fought fiercely in five rounds and beat the Japanese star Mima Ito with 4:1.

  "I hope to beat the Chinese team and win the singles and women's doubles championships." In an interview with Japanese media, Japanese table tennis player Mima Ito made the above-mentioned outlook for the Houston World Table Tennis Championships.

  Now, as Mima Ito lost to Wang Yidi, stopped in the women's singles quarterfinals and missed the World Table Tennis Championships podium, her dream of achieving a breakthrough in the World Series Women's Singles was once again failed.

  It is worth mentioning that as early as before the 2019 Budapest World Table Tennis Championships, Mima Ito also stated that she would win all three events in the competition, but in the end she was defeated by the third line.

  At this point, Mima Ito’s only hope for gold has also fallen on the women’s doubles event, and she and her partner Hina Hayada will face the national table tennis combination Chen Meng/Qian Tianyi in the semifinals.

Data map: Mima Ito in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  As the biggest competitor of the national table tennis women's team in the Tokyo Olympic cycle and Paris Olympic cycle, Mima Ito's defeat quickly aroused heated discussion on the domestic Internet.

Some netizens said that Mima Ito might be nagged by her mother again.

  When Mima Ito was 4 years old, her mother asked her to practice until the early hours of the morning. Before going to bed at night, her mother would whisper in her ear: "The only person who can beat the Chinese players is Mima you."

  Mima Ito is playing with forehand reverse rubber and backhand raw rubber.

From the outside world, this style of play is a bit outdated, but national table tennis coach Li Sun disagrees, "Her style of play, everyone always feels that she is fighting. This is her style."

  The play style known for being strange has also become Mima Ito's advantage. In recent years, in the international arena, her tactics have often prevented opponents from adapting quickly, leading to final defeat.

Data map: In the women's singles semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese player Sun Yingsha defeated Japanese player Mima Ito 4:0.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  However, at the Houston World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese women's table tennis team once again became an insurmountable mountain between the Japanese women's table tennis including Mima Ito and the women's singles world champion.

  In the women's singles match of the Houston World Table Tennis Championships, the "China-Japan showdown" is the unavoidable theme.

In the previous round of 16 games, Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Meng defeated world champion and Japanese star Miu Hirano by 4:3.

  In the just-concluded women's singles quarter-finals, apart from Wang Yidi's victory over Mima Ito, Chen Meng once again faced the Japanese player and easily defeated Ishikawa Kasumi 4-0.

  At this point, the Japanese women's singles were wiped out in this World Table Tennis Championships.

The three main players of Japanese women's table tennis, Mima Ito, Miu Hirano and Yoshikawa Ishikawa, were all eliminated by the women's national table tennis players.

  With Sun Yingsha defeating South Korean chipper Xu Hyo-won 4-0, she successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

So far, the Chinese table tennis team has successfully won the women's singles semi-finals in this World Table Tennis Championships.

  With the exception of Chen Meng, Wang Yidi and Sun Yingsha who have already been promoted, Chen Xingtong will compete with Wang Manyu for the remaining semifinals.

  Chinese women's table tennis, great!