Sena Irie, who won the gold medal in boxing at the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the All Japan Championship, which is the first tournament after the Olympics, and won the semifinal of the first match.

Irie won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics Boxing Women's Featherweight.

As the first tournament after the Olympics, I participated in the All Japan Championship held in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and faced the semifinals of the first match on the 27th.

Irie played against Hoka Misaka, and in the first round, he made the flow of the game from his favorite left jab and took the first down.

In the second round, he continued to attack with a punch to the body, and took the down again with a right straight, and the referee stopped the game on the way.

Irie won the referee stop contest in the second round at 1 minute 54 seconds and decided to advance to the final.

The final of the All Japan Championship will be held on the 28th for all men and women, and in addition to Irie, Tsukimi Namiki, who won the bronze medal in the women's flyweight division of the Tokyo Olympics, will also appear.