The Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a tour for the citizens of the city at the canoeing competition venue in order to let them know the charm of the competition venue used at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Of the six facilities newly constructed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field has already been opened as a sports facility, and the remaining five facilities such as the Canoe Slalom Center have been renovated. It is scheduled to open from next year to next year.

However, at the moment, the annual balance is expected to be in the red at five facilities.

The only surplus in the annual income and expenditure assumed by the city is Ariake Arena, which is 356 million yen per year.

The capital is expected to be used for events such as concerts as well as international sports competitions.

The other five facilities are expected to be in the red.

The annual deficit is

▼ Tokyo Aquatics Center 638 million yen,

▼ Canoe Slalom Center 186 million yen,

▼ Sea Forest Waterway 158 million yen,

▼ Oi Hockey Stadium 9200 10,000 yen,

▼ Yumenoshima Park Archery Field is 11.7 million yen.

The capital will pay the designated manager a consignment fee calculated in anticipation of such a deficit.

In other words, the capital bears the deficit.

For this reason, the city wants to promote its use and improve profitability in the future.

However, since the tournament was held without spectators, the city thinks that the facility is unfamiliar to many people, and it is also possible to increase the number of users in the future by getting to know the charm of the facility. It is said to be one of the aims of opening an academic conference.

In addition to soliciting the naming rights of facilities from companies, we are also considering utilization other than sports, such as leisure experiences and holding live events.

A woman in her 40s who participated in the tour said, "I'm a little scared of having a deficit, but I've made it so much that I want it to be a facility that can be used by many people."

Hiroyuki Kashiwara, Director of the Preparation Bureau for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, said, "It is important how many people in Tokyo can use it besides the competition groups. We made use of the characteristics of the facility, such as the location with Tokyo Bay in the background. I want to think about how to use it. "