At the World Table Tennis Championships held in the United States, the second round of men's singles was held, and both Tokyo Olympic representatives Tomokazu Harimoto and Koki Niwa were defeated by lower players in the world rankings.

On the 24th, the second round of men's singles was held at the World Table Tennis Championships, and Harimoto, who was ranked 5th in the world ranking for the first time in this match, played against a Polish player who was 65th in the world.

In the fifth game with a game count of 2 to 2, Harimoto effectively decided the serve and took it 11 to 6, leaving only one game to win.

However, in the 6th game, he was pushed by the opponent's powerful forehand from the point where he led 7 to 5, and allowed a reversal, and dropped 8 to 11, and the game was entangled in the final 7th game.

Harimoto also led 7 to 5 in this game, but he could not cope with the bang of the opponent who attacked with all his might and was reversed, dropped 9 to 11 and lost the game with a game count of 3 to 4.

In this tournament, No. 2 seed Harimoto will not play against Chinese players who are within 10th place in the world ranking until the final, and it was expected to win a medal for the first time in 42 years in this event, but it was a rainy day defeat in the first match. I did.

Harimoto was defeated by a lower-ranking player who dared to attack at the previous tournament and the Tokyo Olympics, and there was still a challenge in the strength of the game to win on the big stage for the next Paris Olympics.

In addition, Niwa, who is 19th in the world, played against Austria, who is 46th in the world, and from the point where he led the game count 2 to 1, he took 3 games in a row and lost 2 to 4.

The men's singles were a turbulent development in which the representatives of the Tokyo Olympics were quickly eliminated.